Benefits of Electropolishing

When people discuss Electropolishing, the first thing that comes to mind is a part with a bright finish. Though the bright finish is the most identifiable trait there are some important but often overlooked benefits of this material removal process. These benefits include deburring, microfinish improvement, ultra-cleaning, improved corrosion and contaminant resistance, fatigue life improvement, and sizing. These metal improvement benefits offer great promise to design and production engineers for cost savings and production improvement.


Electropolishing is an effective process for deburring metal parts. Because Electropolishing removes surface metal from a part, it eliminates burrs on the surface as well. This process is frequently used for deburring delicate or intricate parts that are not necessarily well-suited for vibratory finishing or conventional tumbling, and it is effective on a variety of metals regardless of their hardness.


Improved Corrosion and Contaminate Resistance

By eliminating surface imperfections and contaminants imbedded in a metal part’s surface, Electropolishing significantly improves long-term corrosion resistance. In salt spray testing, Electropolished metal parts benefited from higher corrosion resistance than raw and passivated parts. Removing surface imperfections eliminates areas where moisture and contaminates can collect and lead to corrosion.



Electropolishing removes surface metal and imbedded scale, rust grinding compounds, foreign debris, and oils, creating a bright, uniform finish that does not peel or abrade. This finish increases corrosion resistance and improves weld ability without affecting surface hardness or introducing stress to parts.


Microfinish Improvement

Electropolishing improves microfinish values even on complex or fragile parts that are not well-suited for methods like grinding, lapping or harperizing. It reduces the microscopic peaks caused by metalworking operations like stamping, welding, and forming; reducing microfinish values; and improving part performance.


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